About Me

Hello and welcome to my Blog. I am the René and I love to work in software development and engineering.

The kick start to all this was when my father brought a Commodore 64 to our home in 1991 when I was ten. You can imagine that I was not moving away from the TV where this little surprise was getting connected this day. I make a bet you had similar moments as well and can remember it as it was yesterday.

Some time later, and some levels in my all time favorite game Last Ninja 2 further I was thinking how all this works. I wanted to understand how it is possible that this electronic device can produce graphics, sounds and why my data-tape drive is slower than a floppy disk I got short time later. And there was BASIC to tell me. Not the fancy games but with 11 I had my first small programs that could print text and doing very basic math.

Fast forward: Some decades later I am still hooked and curious about tech. I can look back on a already extensive variety of projects in software and engineering in some of the most respected companies in Germany. I had the luck to always work with amazing skilled and inspiring teammates where I could learn more than I have expected. If you read this and you where one of them: Thanks!

For example I worked as leader of QA in Tech at one of the most successful European eCommerce companies. I worked in a very agile environment and my favorite topic is planing, organizing and performing  QA tasks for complex software roll-out and migration projects across many affected systems.

Right now I am a Coach and Trainer for Software Quality in one of the top 10 german IT software consultant companies. I am still working on projects of course and learn new technologies, processes and skills in testing and software in general.

On this blog I will share some insights I got over the years that focus on Software Quality and Development. For me these 2 things belong to each other to build great software with high customer value.