Break software fast and ugly

Break software fast and ugly for what? Hmmm, yes René tell me: Why should we break software? We are waiting…

Okay, here is the deal: If you are in the software business and you work on software you will break things sooner or later. This happens everywhere, even in companies like Apple (read more). So accept the fact that you will get into a messy situation or you are in the middle of one. Lucky you because I think it is the best way of showing skills and experience. I recently found out why a lot of people including me are afraid of failure. I think it is because they think they loose value and status if things are going wrong. There is also a connection to your self perception and you want to be in alignment to any costs, also your ego plays a role.

What to do with the mess first?

If you drink coffee, make yourself a coffee. If you like something else, take it, because you will need it. Make your self something with brings you some energy. What you need to do now is being the best self of yourself. There is work to do, that is it. No excuses. You cannot change the situation but you can accept it and do what is necessary to handle it. For this you need energy, good sleep and you should not be afraid to realize you made a mistake. This is the place you want to start from and finish it. But don not waste time to figure out who was screwing up. Do not play the blame game. Play the “I will taking care game”.

Break software fast and ugly

Communication is king

Now you are ready, you will know what to do. I would always talk to others very open and tell them: Hey here is the issue…

Also tell your boss, he will not loose respect or trust in you, the opposite is true. And then join forces if needed. Tell your boss exactly what you need to fix the situation. This is how experts are working, they take responsibility and action whatever comes to them.