Champagne for me

You know, when I worked for more than one year in my free time on a project and I realized it will not work out, I was getting some champagne for me. It was because there was something I could celebrate and be proud of. I did what most people are not able to do: Letting go. Letting go of an idea that was supposed to be a million dollar baby we can dream of. I really enjoyed the good tempered french sparkling glass of pure luxury I got from my vacation in France. I learned so much in this time and gathered such a strong will to overcome all obstacles for more than one year, I would never want to miss the experience. In the next capture I will give you an insight how I see the situation by showing you what kind of questions I ask myself if something was not like planned. I actually failed a lot in my life and this is the reason why I am winning more and more over time! I ask the right questions.  

Ask this productive questions if something fails

  1. What did I learn during the project lifetime from a technical perspective?
    • How to work with GIT
    • Ruby on Rails development
    • Rails debugging
    • Rails performance analysis and improvement
    • MongoDB
    • How to setup a Heroku system in production
    • Test Automation with RSPEC
    • How to be fast with RubyMine
    • OAuth usage
    • Debugging in production systems and hot fixing
  2. What did I learn in non technical viewpoints?
    • How to come up with feature ideas
    • Organize priorities
    • Not everything needs to be perfect
    • How to find a MVP by being creative
    • How to ask for feedback
  3. What kind of people could have changed the result to make it a success?
    • People with better business contacts

Almost there - Champagne for me - Champagne for you

The project was a web service to connect people between different account sources from Twitter to Facebook, email, Phone etc. . The website was up and running, the design was even different for mobile devices to use functions of the devices, it was fast and without known bugs and still there was no way to continue. I recently saw a project that is almost delivering the same service and this might have a chance. As I was seeing it and heard what resources they have. I was relaxed. I was working with only one other partner on the project. They have invested millions. We where almost there. I took some while to close the project down for us, I have to say. It is hard to drop your work. I hope that you are having the same experience as well to get real and get prepared better next time. It is hard to succeed.  If you have done everything that was possible to do for you at this point in life, open a bottle of champagne...and keep on going.