The perfect Ego

The perfect ego is no longer a myth. It is reality. But first let me ask you something: Are you the best guy a company can find? Are you the best boss or owner a company can have. Are you the most skilled or even a genius developer or sysadmin?

It is all a trap

If you have answered the question for you I want to apologize. Sorry for the question, because this kind of question is not leading you somewhere besides into the dark clouds of the self-deception. So welcome today and follow me with this article into the most underrated topic in the tech industry into the world of flesh and blood, real people. I was reading "The Winner Effect" from professor Ian Robertson and recognized a lot of repeating patterns in my direct environment over the years. Here you can see him speaking @TED. I was thinking how we got here and how this can be applied to the tech industry. I think besides the financial and political sector there are only a few other sectors where the ego is rising high like in the tech industry. I think it is because we can become experts very quick if we want and this is why our egos are getting this big boost. We focus on one special area in software or the industry and within less than a decade we are experts. One sign for this is the wording people use to show others that they are experts. 90% of the people without deeper knowledge of the topic will not understand what they are talking about, even if they are experts in another area as well.

One of the best example are books that have names like "Learning C + +", etc.. I know some books where I can not follow from page 30 on because the language and examples are not made ​​for teaching but for "showing the world" how clever the author is. These books are showing me with what people I will not work together, so thank you for writing the warning. The overuse of highly important words and of course name dropping is a secure sign for a to big ego as well. Everything is prio one.  But when everything is prio one, nothing is prio one. When you take a look to the picture on top, you see a minion that is slave to the evil leader...that becomes a great one later on. A perfect transition to the next capter.

Follow the Leader

What I also learned is that there are two different types of hunger for power. One is selfish and fuels the ego with dangerous attitudes, the other one is more altruistic. And here comes into play how a version of the perfect ego can be. It is not hard to follow a good leader, that has clear focus, a strong vision and direction when he makes decisions based on the whole picture. To be successful on a long run you need to think of all the little site effects. With little we always mean unrecognized but reality shows that there are no little things in a long run. So act with self esteem but be close to other people that have your trust and are trusting you. They will follow you and support you when they have to. They will be your saftey net that is preventing you to become self obsessed. A strong team always wins against a strong leader and a week team. The next picture is what happens to my minion, I build him a house on a blackboard where he can live and prosper 😉 . a home for my minion

Become your own leader

So what can you do? Are you a leader? You can be, your own one. Become your own leader and make decisions for you. Use your circle of influence and extend them to a level where you can fulfill your potential and support others. Be a good example for your teammates and for your leaders as well. Sometimes things needs to be shown to be believed. You can decide in which way your environment will develop around you. A good example where a team has a strong leader that is not selfish but supportive is the current soccer team of germany. They are experts in what they do, but they are not showing ego, they show passion for the game and support the whole team, even if they are sitting outside and are not playing. Let us use this as a good example where a strong leader can exist besides a strong team.